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Leyifan aims to be the world's top forwarding company.

We strive to provide cheaper, safer and more considerate customer service.

For this purpose, Leyifan provides the following value-added services, and is committed to developing more and better services.

  • Free Service
  • Chargeable Services
  • Optional services

Package consolidation

From 0 JPY

Packages from multiple shops can be consolidated and ship to you in one package, cheaper and more convinient.Consolidating 3 (or less) packages is free;
When consolidate more than 3 packages, we will charge 200 JPY handling fee for each additional one.
When consolidate more than 9 packages, we will charge 150 JPY handling fee for each additional one.


*If another carton is required, the corresponding material fee will be charged according to the size of the carton (within 90cm(including 90): 100 JPY/each; 90-120cm(including 120): 200 JPY/each; above 120cm:300 JPY/each).
*This service will remove the original outer carton box of the package and consolidate it in another suiitable carton box. We will not remove the packaging of the items itself (if the outer box of the package is the packaging of the items, please specify in advance; if you need to keep the original outer carton box of the package, please input "Package No. +Consolidate with it's original outer carton box" in the Remarks column when submitting a delivery request)
*In some cases, the consolidated weight may be heavier than the estimated weight. This may occur when we use extra buffering or cardboard boxes. This helps to avoid damages which may occur during overseas shipping.
*In case the packages you choose for package consolidation are over-length or over-weight, exceeding the regulations of the logistics regulation (specific to the standards of the delivery method and the announcement of each country and region), the warehouse will complete the package consolidation on the premise of conforming to the regulations of the logistics line, and the over-length or over-weight goods will be re-stored as “remaining items” to your account. This service is available in Leyifan's existing carton sizes, and there is no guarantee that all items can be combined successfully especially the special size items.

Change package boxes

100~300 JPY/piece

Since most of package box from Japanese online shop are really weak. We provide for you a high quality thickening package box.
The following chart shows the cost of carton service fee, please allow little size error due to manual measurement:


*All boxes used in this service are new.
*Please note even if you don't submit this option, in the following situation we will forwardly change a new box for you.
A. We can't fill all products in the original package box.
B. The original package box is really weak, it almost 100% will be broken during the oversea shipping.

Package separation (averagely)

200 JPY/package sale price only 100 JPY

If you need to averagely divide items in a package into multiple packages, you can apply for it in "My package". According to the number of final packages, the charge of each package is 100 JPY.
For example: 1 package are divided into 3 sub packages, we will charge you 300 JPY.


*We do not guarantee the same type and quantity of contents for each package.

Package separation (accurately)

500 JPY/package sale price only 300 JPY

If you need to accurately divide items in a package into multiple packages, you can apply for it in "My package". According to your request, the specified items in the package can be accurately divided into sub packages. The cost is calculated with the final number of sub packages, the charge of each package is 300 JPY.
For example: 1 package are divided into 3 sub packages, the charge is 300x 3=900 JPY.


*In case the submitted items or quantities do not match the actual ones, Leyifan will split the boxes at its own discretion and without notice.

Package reinforcement (Normal)

From 300 JPY/package

We provide 2 layers of bubble film, and plastic cushion, newspapers,sealing tape and so on.
The fee for package reinforcement normal is based on the size of the package after packing:


*Package reinforcement normal may increase the weight and volume of the package.
*Package reinforcement normal does not target commodities for individual reinforcement. Please choose separate reinforcement or super reinforcement for goods if your package contains fragile goods such as glass, cd, ceramics, liquids, etc.

Package reinforcement (Super)

From 1000 JPY/package

We will provide 4 layers of bubble film, and inflatable bags, air cushion, plastic cushion, newspapers, sealing tape and so on. A large package is suitable for this service.
The fee for package reinforcement (Super) is calculated based on the size of the finished package:


*In order to prevent fragile items from shaking, we will try to put enough packaging material as much as we can. Also if you select super reinforement service, it may increase the weight and volume of the package, thank you for your understanding in advance.
*Package reinforcement (Super) is not for individual reinforcement of goods. We recommend that you can apply an additional "individual item reinforcement" if your package contains fragile goods such as glass, CD, ceramics, liquids, etc.

Individual item reinforcement

150 JPY/product sale price only 100 JPY

For individual small goods / fragile goods or you specify the goods for cushioning bubble film reinforcement, you can also use bubble column reinforcement (Please put bubble column reinforcement in the remarks, otherwise we will handle it with bubble film by default. Highly recommended for glass, CDs, liquids, ceramics and other fragile goods, replacement goods, electronic products etc.
It is recommended to choose the bubble column for bottled items (wine, enzymes, etc.), which can effectively prevent the items from breaking. It is necessary to select this service and make a note when submitting the shipment.
Only some special items (CDs/light books/cards/small stand-up badges) can be reinforced by bundling multiple pieces as a single piece, If you do not write a note warehouse default package of 5 goods for a group of individual reinforcement, if you need each product individually reinforced, you need to note in the remarks box.


*Multi-piece bundle up supports up to 5 as a group of individual reinforcement. Please contact customer service in advance for this service after submission. We shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage if members do not specify in advance.
*If the bundled reinforcement caused wear and tear of the items, we shall not be responsible or liable for any damage. Highly recommend for Individual item reinforcement.
*Because there are few cases of fragile goods such as wine being sent overseas and then broken, for such products, even if you do not choose the bubble column reinforcement service, we will also carry out the bubble column reinforcement for you by default and charge you according to the actual amount used when settling the bill.
*If your wine and other goods are single into the box, we will use 1 to 2 layers of bubble film to strengthen the outer box, rather than the use of bubble column, without additional notice (if you have to remove the outer box of the wine bottle using bubble column reinforcement needs, please fill out a separate note for the warehouse operation).
*If you find that the size of your product does not match the existing bubble pillar, we will provide you with one or two layers of bubble wrap reinforcement service without additional notice.
*If your package contains fragile goods/electronic products, the warehouse will reinforce them separately by default, and whether the goods can be reinforced or not will be determined by the operator.

Strap reinforcement

From 100 JPY/package

Depending on the size of the package and the actual situation, we will use 2~4 high-strength straps to reinforce the outer box, so that it is easy for the logistics staff to extract and reduce the possibility of the package being thrown down, recommended for large and heavy packages.
The fee for strapping reinforcement is implemented in a stepwise manner based on the weight of the package:

Waterproof film reinforcement

500 JPY/package sale price only 300 JPY

For those who are concerned about the shipping process due to weather problems, please refer to this service. We provide 2~3 layers of transparent waterproof film to strengthen the carton to prevent moisture from softening and to reduce the possibility of damage to the goods inside.
Waterproof film reinforcement is based on the weight of the package to implement a step charge:


*Weight and volume may change after value-added services are performed.
For example, the weight of the bag is changed to carton, the weight of the tape for reinforcement and sealing, etc.
*After applying for value-added services, we will wait for processing according to the order of application.
The processing time is generally 1~3 working days. In case of holidays or campaigns, the warehouse may add a large number of packages, which will slightly prolong the processing time.

*Warm reminder: If you have urgent documents (requests) , we suggest you contact the customer service to apply for Expedited processing of option services.

Note: Once the option services you applied for were finished, you can't cancel the order.

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