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Option Services

Package consolidation

Packages from multiple shops can be consolidated and ship to you in one package, cheaper and more convinient.

Service fee:

1. Consolidating 3 (or less) packages is free;
2. When consolidate more than 3 packages, we will charge 200 JPY handling fee for each additional one.
3. If you want a new package box, we will charge 300 JPY per box.


1. Removing the packing box is the default before consolidation (the outer packaging of the goods will not be removed).
2. Adding packages after application is not acceptable. Please apply for this service when all your packages have arrived.
3. Consolidation cannot be cancelled (stopped) after it is applied. Please confirm or contact customer service before applying.
4. In some cases, the consolidated weight may be heavier than the estimated weight. This may occur when we use extra buffering or cardboard boxes. This helps to avoid damages which may occur during overseas shipping.
5. Consolidation will be processed within 1-3 business days after your application, and we will notify you via email.
※The maximum number of packages consolidation is 32.

What is the maximum size and weight of consolidated package?

The length of consolidated package must be within 1.5m, the sum of three sides must be within 3m, and the total weight must be within 30kg (Please refer to the “Shipping methods” page and confirm the limitation detail of your country).

Change package boxes

Service fee:300 JPY/box

Since most of package box from Japanese online shop are really weak. We provide for you a high quality thickening package box.
Please note even if you don't submit this option, in the following situation we will forwardly change a new box for you.
A. We can't fill all products in the original package box.
B. The original package box is really weak, it almost 100% will be broken during the oversea shipping.

Courier Waybill Photo Checking

Service fee:100 JPY/box

If you need a photo of package waybill's information before "Applying for Delivery", please contact customer service for the service.

Package reinforcement (Normal)

Service fee:300 JPY/package

We provide 2 layers of bubble film, and plastic cushion, newspapers,sealing tape and so on.
Please note that the package weight might be increased a little bit due to the reinforcement materials. If you need advanced protection service, please choose the super reinforcement.

Package reinforcement (Super)

Service fee:800 JPY~2000 JPY/package

We will provide 4 layers of bubble film, and inflatable bags, air cushion, plastic cushion, newspapers, sealing tape and so on. A large package is suitable for this service.
Please note that the reinforcement materials might increase approx. 500 g to 5 kg on total weight, and the sum (length, width and height) limit of package box is under 1.6 m before reinforcement.
a. If the total sum of length, width and height is within 0.9 m, charge 800 JPY;
b. Between 0.9 m to 1.2 m, charge 1200 JPY;
c. Above 1.2 m, charge 2000 JPY.

Bubble column

Service fee:100 JPY/product

Since the bottle products like wine are easily broken during shipping. We provide bubble column to reinforce these products.
If you check this option, our staff will use bubble column on each product they think it needs to be reinforced. And we will charge 100 JPY for each product.

Packing bands

Service fee:300 JPY/package

Tie up the package with durable packing bands. Recommended for a heavy or large package. We will charge 300 JPY for each package.

Install lithium battery

Service fee:Free

According to regulations of the Japan Post, a lithium battery uninstalled in the device would be considered as a prohibited item. Up to 2 devices containing lithium battery in one package is allowed.

Package snap

Service fee:400 JPY/package

You can apply for it to see the condition of your package when submit a delivery request. Images are taken of the exterior of your package, the purchase receipt and the goods so that you and our operations staff can immediately spot any potential issues. Ensure your packaging is in good shape so that the contents inside remain safe.

Useless items removal service

Service fee:Free

Remove useless items such as shoe box, flier, DM, magazine, catalogs and receipt, etc

Package separation (averagely)

Service fee:200 JPY/package ( sale price only100 JPY)

If you need to averagely divide items in a package into multiple packages, you can apply for it in "My package". According to the number of final packages, the charge of each package is 200 JPY.
•For example: 1 package are divided into 3 sub packages, we will charge you 600 JPY (300 JPY during the promotion).

Package separation (accurately)

Service fee:over 500 JPY

According to your request, the specified items in the package can be accurately divided into sub packages. The cost is calculated with the final number of sub packages, the cost of the first 2 is 500 JPY, and from the third one on, the cost of each sub package is 200 JPY.
For example: 1 package are divided into 3 sub packages, the charge is 500+200=700 JPY.

Requests for the following services need to be submitted to the customer service

Return service

Service fee:400 JPY/package

If you want to return your purchases to the online shops, please contact them first. After you confirmed it could be returned, please contact our customer support support@leyifan.com and we will help you submit a return request. Check details: FAQ>How to return my purchase
A handling fee of 400 JPY and an extra domestic returning shipping fee will be occurred.
Once you applied for delivering your package, the return service would be not available.

Re-weighing service

Service fee:500 JPY/package

If you have any problem on package weight, you can apply for re-weighing service before payment. For this service, please contact our customer support support@leyifan.com.
• Please note the 100 g difference is normal.
• In the case of the difference over 100 g, this service fee would not be charged.

Expedited processing of option services

Service fee:1000 JPY/package ( sale price only500 JPY)

If you have the need of expedited processing for option services, please contact our customer service support@leyifan.com. If apply for it before 17 pm( Tokyo time), the application will be completed in the same day.

Gift wrapping service

Service fee:800 JPY/package

If you want gift wrapping for your package, please contact our customer serivice support@leyifan.com and send us the reference photograph.

Order modification

Service fee:300 JPY/package

After submitting a delivery request, if you want to change order information, such as shipping address, telephone numbers, shipping methods, etc., you can contact our customer service to modify before payment.
•Please note that there are still some cases of the order information cannot be modified, and in these cases will not charge for this item, please kindly understand that.

Order cancellation

Service fee:500 JPY/package

After submitting a delivery request, you want to cancel the order, please contact our customer service support@leyifan.com
The package will be stored in our warehouse again as a new package (the completed optional service also needs to be charged), after that, you could apply for optional service again or submit a delivery request.

Photo checking

Service fee:500 JPY/package

After the optional service finished, you need to check your package specially before delivered, please contact our customer service support@leyifan.com. We will offer you the photos of the exterior of your package, the purchase receipt and the goods so that you can immediately spot any potential issues.

Note: Once the option services you applied for were finished, you can't revoke or ask for them again.