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Cash On Delivery service is available NOW

Release time: 2022-04-08 14:00:00

Have you ever tried to order goods from online stores in Japan but they do not accept overseas credit cards, or only provide cash on delivery service?To help our members to buy their favorite goods, Leyifan is happy to announce that we offer Cash On Delivery (COD) service now!! 

(Only available for Tokyo's warehouse)

COD service description (Updated April 8, 2022)

1. To use of Cash On Delivery (COD) service, it requires 1 working day in advance to contact our customer service team for the arrangement. 

Problems such as parcel returns due to late advance notice are to be borne by the member.

2. Please provide the courier waybill number to our customer service asap when receiving the delivery notice from sellers or merchants, otherwise it may cause the package can not be received properly.

3. The payment should be executed beforehand (Credit cards are not accepted, we ONLY accept PAYPAL), and once we confirmed the payment, our warehouse staff will receive your package and pay the COD charge by its arrival.

1) General COD service : 500JPY handling charge + 5% processing fee.

Here's an example of a 10,000JPY order.

(10,000 x 5%)+500 = 11,000JPY

2) Bank account transfer: 500JPY handling charge + 5% processing fee + 800JPY bank transfer fee

• Here's an example of a 10,000JPY order.

(10,000 x 5%)+ 500 + 800 = 11,800JPY

3) Convenience store payment :  500JPY handling charge + 5% processing fee + 165JPY Convenience store payment handling fee.

• Here's an example of a 10,000JPY order.

(10,000 x 5%)+ 500 + 165 = 11,165JPY

4.  This is not a PROXY service, members are required to place an order for the product.

5. If the service is cancelled for any reason after payment is made, a service handling fee of 500JPY is not refundable.

Refund methods: 

1. Original payment method(If members request to cancel after 3 months of application, any handling fees will be borne by the member)

2. Leyifan account balance (5% processing fee will be deducted) 

3. Others (5% processing fee and Remittance handling fee will be deducted )  

6.From 2 March 2023, if COD packages are rejected for personal reasons (failure to pay on time etc.) and need to be recalled by the warehouse, every recall package will be charged 300JPY handling fee. If the recall is unsuccessful, no fees will be charged.Updated March 1, 2023

Friendly reminder:

1. Members have the responsibility to provide the package taotal amount and content truthfully, completely and accurately when using COD service.

2. If members do not contact our customer service 1 working day in advance for the COD service, warehouse will decline (refuse) to receive and pay the package. If the member's account is blacklisted or blocked due to this reason by the shopping platforms, the responsibility should be borne wholly by the member.

3. Members will not be able to use COD service again if the package is rejected more than 2 times. Moreover, if members continue to send COD package without any contact with customer service in advance, member accounts will be blocked according to Leyifan's website regulations.

4. COD service does not support credit card payment, if you pay by credit card, the payment fee will be refunded, however 500 yen service handling fee will not be refunded.

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