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Could you help return my purchase to the Japanese shop?

Please submit your return/ domestic shipment according to the following format. 

Please make sure you are returning a full box. If not a full box, please request a package separation service first. Please make sure you provide the following information. 

1、Leyifan member ID: 

2、Package number: 

3、Specific item and quantity details: E.g screenshot of your order 

4、A full box return? Yes or no 

5、Shipping fee on delivery? 

6、Return Address: 

7、Name of recipient: 

8、Contact number: 

9、Sender's Name: 

Proof of permission by the recipient. 

1、In the case of returns to the original shipping address (both personal and corporate), the return can be made directly without the need for proof; 

2、Return to a private address The recipient's valid ID information (e.g. resident card, insurance card, driving licence, etc.) and note that it can only be sent to the address and recipient on the ID document provided. 

3、In the case of returns to a company address, it is necessary to provide Japanese company business registration document - the return address must be a registered company in Japan that can be found on a public website (None of the above is required. If the return is for Amazon JP, please provide the return label. We do not accept pick up service at our warehouse) 

Return service handling fee is 400JPY/package + domestic shipping fee/ package (Service charge: 400 yen per parcel + shipping cost at customer's expense) 

For domestic delivery, we use Fukuyama Express, Sagawa Express, or Japan Post, and the cost is based on volume weight. 

1、Fukuyama Express:

2、Sagawa Express: 

3、Japan Post: 

We will process your order within 5 working days after submission. Please check your email for the package status, thank you.