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“NISHIMATSUYA” is a large-scale chain store of maternities and children supplies in Japan, which was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st section in 2001. And it's been 63 years so far as established. In Japan, NISHIMATSUYA has 1,009 physical stores (as of Nov. 2019), offers a full range of products to meet baby's daily needs, including: Baby and child clothing, maternity clothing, milk powder, baby diapers and toys. NISHIMATSUYA, is not only a Japan-based brand of maternities and children, but it has also been integrated into the daily life of Japanese families and become a life attitude with more affordable price. NISHIMATSUYA aims at making the families with children have a more colorful, convenient and happy life, accompany the children grow up healthily and happily.

“ELFINDOLL [EFD]”&“SMARTANGEL” are private brands of NISHIMATSUYA, all originally designed by many technicians from various famous electromechanical manufacturers, devoted to making high quality products with safety and comfort. Not only the necessary features, but also the affordable prices are deeply embraced by Japanese families. Due to the short expiry date of baby products, the high cost-effective products help children grow up with wisdom and happiness.

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