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— Prohibited Items from Japan Post —

Special note: The following items are prohibited from the forwarding service!
These item used to be returned by Japan Post many times, and the forwarding fee would not be refunded.

  • Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of 24% or higher.For example: Tequila,Brandy, Whisky,Vodka, Rum, Shouchu, Japanese wine, Sake etc.
  • Hair color, essential oil, aromatherapy, Cosmetics, nail polish, nail polish remover, hair spray and hair tonic.
  • Bleach and glue.
  • Tempo Drop.
  • life vest, life jacket
  • Flammable high-pressure gas and liquids (including condensed skin-care products and sprayer products).
  • Oil-filled radiator (even it doesn't contain any oil, a small amount of oil may be left at the testing stage).
  • Rechargeable batteries, portable chargers and mobile phone case with charger.
  • Some shavers (some brands and models contains cleaner and shaving oil, which contains ethanol).
  • Lithium batteries that are not installed in the device. (If not sure if the electric device contains lithium batteries, please check the option of “install lithium batteries” in the Option Service).
  • A package contains more than 2 devices with lithium batteries.
  • Rice, vegetables and fresh fruits (unless there's an immunity certificate).
  • Electronic cigarette.
  • Gas stove, cassette stove gas, gas water-heater.
  • Some air purifiers (except the Cartridge type and Hybrid type, which contain flammable refrigerant and compressor. The other types still can be shipped).
  • Magnetized materials and other objects that may affect the aviation equipment (audio equipment, etc.).
  • Auto parts (engine, shock absorber, FS pump and other parts after oil pressure test).
  • Plants, succulent plants, seeds.
  • Grassmat, the decoration (contain rush, grass or pine).
  • Fountain Pen Ink.
  • Processed animal meats(bagged beef jerky,etc can't be shipped. Canned meat can be shipped).
  • The goods violating the "Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora".
  • Gold, silver, white gold, other precious metals, various jewelry goods, other valuables
  • Lighter

For these kinds of prohibited items, our staff will put them in storage again as a new package without any notice.
You can apply for return or abandon.

It is also not recommended to buy the following products which are fragile and easy to damage during global shipping.

  • Fragile products: glass and ceramic products, glass bottles of liquids without a reinforced packing.
  • Easily damaged products: all kinds of bag packaged liquids (including cleaner, hand sanitizer, etc.)

—Worldwide prohibited items—

The above and other goods that do not meet the regulations by Leyifan.
--Other prohibited items--
We do not accept any virtual service confirmation, inovice, bill and other documents (e.g., mobile phone bills and contracts, credit card bills, SIM cards, etc.). We will freeze the account if the above behavior is found, please contact customer service for more assistance.
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