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Privacy Policy
I. Handling of Personal Information Leyifan is a comprehensive platform operated by Leyifan Inc. Hereafter referred to as “Leyifan”.
Leyifan shall use personal information, including user’s name, home address, phone number, date of birth, email address, etc. for the following purposes: (unless expressly stated by users)
1. To send users goods, mail order catalogue, EDM, etc. and notify of after-sales services and new goods and services.
2. To advertise Leyifan goods, send questionnaires and release prize planning, deals and coupons.
3. To send users the prizes of campaigns held by Leyifan
4. To send users appropriate mail order catalogue and EDM, samples.
5. To send users questionnaires for collecting data used in advertising. (Questionnaires with unspecific targets)
6. To send users mail order catalogues or EDM according to the personal information from third parties, and notify of after-sales services and new goods and services.
7. To answer users shopping related questions.
II. Necessity of obtaining personal information Filling-in (entering) personal information is unconstrained. However, if you don't fill in the item marked as “required”, you will not be verified the identity. In this case, Leyifan will not provide the service.
III. Provision of personal information For protecting personal information, Leyifan shall not disclose nor provide it to a third party except any of the following conditions:
1. Customers’ consent and commitment have been obtained.
2. Have to provide it based on laws. In response to subpoenas, court orders or other legal procedures to retrieve or exercise legal rights, or to put forward defense for the lawsuit request.
3. In order to prevent from illegal activities, alleged fraud, potential threats to the safety of a person and the violations from the service articles of Leyifan, or take countermeasures against the above circumstances, or share users’ personal information as by law otherwise provided.
4. If all or part of Leyifan business has been acquired or merged by other companies, Leyifan will transfer users’ personal documents to this company with users' consent.
5. Leyifan may display precise marketing advertisements based on personal information, such as females at age of 18 to 24 at a specific geographic area.
IV. Entrustment of personal information For protecting personal information, Leyifan shall not disclose nor provide it to a third party except any of the following conditions:
1. For the purpose of making fully explanation to users, Leyifan will entrust users’ personal information to a business appointed company that signed confidential contract with Leyifan if necessary. (For example: the business appointed companies are: home-delivery logistics, printing companies making labels of name and address needed for Direct Mail Advertising, credit card companies issuing credit cards to make payments, companies that appointed to retrieve goods that users don't pay for, telephone service providers that inform new products or services and etc.)
V. Disclosure or revision of personal information 1. In the event that users hope to publicize or change their personal information, Leyifan will timely respond as far as reasonable. Please contact customer service if you need consulting or changing information. Except that, Leyifan may charge users actual expense for information disclosure.
VI. Application for using or stopping 1. Consented by users, Leyifan has the right to use and provide users’ information in the declared scope. Leyifan shall take action immediately to stop using or providing users’ information if users require. For a minimum amount of information that required keep based on company operation principle, Leyifan will not delete these information but assume the obligation of confidentiality.
2. Users can contact customer service to stop e-mail, advertisements sent by Leyifan. And please follow the general steps to unsubscribe EDM.
VII. Overview You can inquire, review, copy and change your personal information filled in Leyifan website.
Leyifan will aperiodically add promotional information for new categories in the pages setting as marketing preference. When viewing these pages, you can choose stop receiving the information, or unsubscribe them by following the introductions in the received information.
Leyifan has the right to send users messages related with the Service (such as announcement, management news, etc.)
VIII. Revision of Privacy Policy Leyifan may revise the Privacy Policy aperiodically. When there’s a big change on handling personal information, Leyifan will send notification message to the specified email address of users, or post announcement on Leyifan website.
IX. Questions and Suggestions For any questions or suggestions, please contact us by e-mail:
[Customer service]
Email: support@leyifan.com
Last updated date: June 8, 2018
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