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This website (http://www.leyifan.com) the ownership and operation belong to Leyifan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "leyifan"), and Leyifan hereby sets out the following "Leyifan Terms of Service" (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms") in relation to use of the overseas forwarding service to members (hereafter referred to as "the Service"). Leyifan has rights to publicize and publish individual terms, adds statements to terms (hereafter referred to as “individual terms”). Individual terms shall be regarded as an integral part of the Terms. In the event of conflict between the Terms and any individual terms, the individual terms shall take precedence. Once you click on the "confirm" button, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully, if you do not agree with the terms, you can take the initiative to cancel the service provided by Leyifan.


Article 1: Contents of the Service

1.The service is an intermediary delivery service. For all leyifan's members who made purchase orders on any E-commerce sites in Japan, leyifan warehouse shall receive the packages on behalf of those members, provide additional package services if required(additional payment needed) and ship the package towards any places around the globe as members' request. (In the following context, we simplify the description above as "the service")

2.The detail of the service should be described as: When leyifan received the service request and packages are delivered to the leyifan Warehouse, the package would be recognized as purchased by leyifan company from the member with exactly the same amount of price of the E-commerce site. Note that leyifan would by no means take the responsibility for the delay of payment including any form of compensation.

3.On the premise of above, when the members received their packages and done signature on the delivery receipts, they are deemed as Buying back the products from leyifan company.

4.Regarding the claim for the payment that may occur between the 2 parties(leyifan&the members) which is generated from the statement above, by the time the members received and signed their package, the claim shall be deemed as automatically offset.

5. As a default agreement, the members authorize leyifan to receive their package in their names.

6. Members have the right to sign a logistics and delivery service agreement with leyifan in the name of the member.

7. It is important to note that leyifan is not a party to the merchant's contract for the sale of goods, and leyifan is not responsible for all disputes related to the goods (including but not limited to defects in the goods, intellectual property infringement, and the return of goods that have not been accepted).

Article 2: Membership

1. Members refer to those who submit the membership application on the basis of agreement to abide the terms after getting Leyifan approval to be a member.

2. Member should be adults and have full capacity for civil conduct. If you are under 18 years of age, you may use the service only with the participation of your parents or guardians.

3. Members may not allow any third party to use their member ID or password, lend, transfer, sell or pledge their member ID or password to a third party or engage in any form of equivalent conduct.

4. Members shall be liable for any losses or damage resulting from the inadequate management, inappropriate usage or third party usage of their member ID and password or any form of equivalent conduct.

5. Please note that if any of the following conditions are found or judged to exist among the clients of leyifan, leyifan will reject the membership application. For those who are also eligible and have already joined the club, we will also take measures to forcibly cancel the membership. In such cases, leyifan will not be responsible for the above-mentioned clients and members.

(1) If the customer is a minor.

(2) If the customer has violated the provisions in these terms and conditions in the past and has been forced to cancel his or her membership.

(3) The customer has provided false, falsified or otherwise misrepresented information in the membership application.

(4) If the customer has ever deferred payment of the amount due to leyifan.

(5) Interfering with the operation or provision of services of leyifan, or preventing other members from using leyifan services.

(6) Any other behavior that LEGO judges to be inappropriate

Article 3: obligation of members

1. Members must inform leyifan of all information related to the delivery of products in the manner specified by leyifan as soon as possible after purchasing the products on the e-commerce website.

2. When a member submits information during the registration application or when a member needs to temporarily modify the information that he/she has notified to leyifan when applying for shipping, he/she must notify leyifan again in a timely manner and in the prescribed manner. If the member's interests are damaged due to the delay in notification, leyifan will not be held responsible.

3.You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting third party use and access to your account, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account and password.

4. Members may not transfer or lend your account to others for use. You agree that you will be responsible for all disputes and consequences resulting from improper storage, unsafe operation or use of your account/password.

5. Members shall bear the responsibility for any damage caused by inadequate management of the account password, improper use, or use by a third party, and leyifan will not be able to bear any responsibility for this. All the specific content of the service through the member's account password will be regarded as the member's own behavior, and the member shall be fully responsible for the use of the specific service content.

6. If you find that your account has been illegally stolen by others, or other circumstances that endanger the security of your account, you should immediately notify leyifan in writing and request to suspend or terminate this service, LeFinish will handle it within a reasonable time, and leyifan will not be responsible for any consequences that have occurred before taking action. In addition, if the member ID and password are stolen illegally, the member should compensate for the loss.

7. Members are required to regularly update their account passwords to reduce the risk of theft. If you fail to do so, you will not be held responsible for any losses incurred by your account.

8. By using this service, members agree to be provided with various information by email, phone number, etc. Members also have the right to request not to accept the above information, after the request, leyifan will stop providing information.

(Article 4) Method of communication and notification

1.leyifan will provide members with various information in the following ways, and members agree by default: sending written information, email notification, notification on leyifan website, and any other ways leyifan deems appropriate.

2. In the case of the previous notification, Loyola will actually notify the member of the contact information provided in the login application and the contact information submitted in the shipping application, but will not notify in any other way. (In the event of a temporary change in the notification, the member's contact information at the time of the change shall prevail)

3. If a member fails to notify leyifan immediately when he/she proposes changes to his/her contact information, Leyifan will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the member in this case.

Article 5: Shipment of the package

1. Leyifan will only provide delivery services during the delivery period specified in the route.

2. Letifan will deliver the package to the shipping address specified by the member only by the shipping method of the route provided.

3. If the member refuses all the shipping methods specified by leyifan, leyifan will not be responsible for the change of shipping address.

4. The service of shipping and delivery of products provided by leyifan will be considered as the end of the service process when the parcel actually reaches the address submitted by the member at the time of shipping application. If the goods are delivered correctly to the address specified by the customer, and if there is no intentional act or major mistake on the part of leyifan, leyifan will be considered as exempt from liability.

5. The delivery time of the goods to the warehouse of leyifan is subject to the date decided by leyifan, and it may be necessary to adjust the arrival date in case of necessity. In addition, the desired arrival time entered by the member when making a purchase is only a reference date. If the actual arrival date and the required logistics time is later than the desired date, leyifan will not be responsible for any delay.

Article 6: Service charges and payment

1. Charges for using the Service are as indicated on the service price list. Leyifan has the right to revise the service price with no prior notice. The product weights used as standard for the price list are based on measurements taken by Leyifan.

2. Members shall be liable for any other charges incurred in relation to shipping from Leyifan to the member, including customs and shipping charges for other parts of the journey. Leyifan is under no obligation to pay additional expenses on behalf of any member.

3. Members shall make payment of all service charges as instructed no later than the date specified by Leyifan.

4. Leyifan provides members free warehousing service for 30 days, and charges warehouse fee for more than 30 days. If not satisfying with the regulations required by Leyifan for more than 4 months, members shall be regarded as abandoning the goods and authorizing Leyifan the right to dispose. Leyifan accepts no liability for any loss caused by this case and will not return all expense received from members.

Article 7: Inspections

1. Leyifan has the right to inspect the goods however is under no obligation to carry out such inspections. Inspection results do not represent a guarantee with regard to the quality of the relevant product, the presence or absence of defects, authenticity or the occurrence of any violation of applicable legislation in the country of origin, destination or intermediate countries.

2. In the event that an inspection brings to light any items that are in violation of applicable legislation in the country of origin, destination or intermediate countries, Leyifan may take actions such as notifying the police or other government agency or submitting the items to assist investigation. Members shall make commitments to the above articles and raise no objections.

3. Leyifan shall accept no liability for any losses or damage sustained by the member as a result of product inspections or any other actions stipulated in this article.

4. In principle, leyifan cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to members during the inspection of products and other operations mentioned in this article, unless there is a reason for the damage that should be deemed to the responsibility of leyifan.

Article 8: Products excluded from the forwarding service 1. Members shall not use the Service for any of the following products.

(1) Cash, checks, bills, stocks or other securities;

(2) Credit cards, ATM cards or other cards, savings/deposit books or withdrawal cards issued by a financial institution;

(3) Items without a clearly visible company name or written indication that are addressed to the company;

(4) Personal correspondence including files that should be recognized as personal correspondence.

(5) Live animals or plants, dead animals or stuffed animals (specimens)

(6) Human bodies, human body parts, dead bodies, human remains or mortuary tablets;

(7) Food, drink or other items susceptible to deterioration in quality or decomposition;

(8) Stimulants, cannabis, narcotics, psychotropic substances or any other illegal drugs;

(9) Guns, swords or other weaponry, gun powder or other explosives, poisons or other deleterious substances;

(10) Child pornography, adult videos or other materials of an obscene nature

(11) Any items obtained through illegal, fraudulent, unjust or otherwise dishonest means or methods;

(12) Items that are prohibited to transport, export and import are prohibited or restricted in accordance with the law of the country of origin, destination or intermediate countries.

(13) Items prohibited of transporting, exporting, importing due to the delivery company or the aviation law.

(14) Any other items prohibited of delivery by the law.

(15) Any other items deemed to be inappropriate by Leyifan.

Article 9: Refusal to provide the Service

If any of the following grounds are applicable or are suspected to be applicable, Leyifan may refuse to provide the Service, even if the Service has already been accepted.

(1) If the product concerned is listed under Article 5

(2) If it is not possible to verify the member's address or the destination address

(3) If the member has rejected the goods

(4) If the purchase was made using payment methods Leyifan cannot accept such as cash on delivery

(5) If the goods is seized by customs

(6) If the member fails to make payment of service charges

(7) If the member has broken the Terms

(8) Failure of announcing leyifan staffs after buying items. (Point 1, Article 3)

(9) If the product details provided by the member do not match the product received by Leyifan.

(10) If the provision of the Service is deemed to be inappropriate by the Company for any other reason.

Article 10: The disposal of the delivery-prohibited package

1. On the premise of the list above, leyifan would keep the package for maximum 4 months since its reception except those listed in Article 5

2. On the premise of the list in Article 8, leyifan would inform members whose package met the details of the list except those listed in Article 5

3. As for members who failed to fix the trouble in Article 9-1, leyifan would give the priority to warehouse capacity and discard the package in a appropriate way for leyifan. In this case, the members' approval is NOT needed.

4. As for the disposal of the packages listed in Article 8, leyifan would take no responsibility for any cost generated in the disposal process.

5. Despite all the regulations above, leyifan could at any time apply the Law of Civil Execution.

Article 11: About the alteration and the abolition.

1. Leyifan owns the right of altering&canceling some parts of the service and take no responsibility to the members for any damage caused by the alteration.

Article 12: Interruption and Discontinuation of the Service

1. Leyifan may temporarily interrupt or stop the Service, in part or in whole, without notice in any of the following cases.

(1) When maintenance checks are performed on the devices and systems providing this service as well as updates.

(2) When caused by hacker attacks, viruses, technical or policy adjustments of telecommunication and cell phone communication operators, etc.

(3) When it is difficult to provide the Service due to fire, power outage, natural disaster, system failure or beyond the control of Leasehold.

(4) When the electric communication company does not provide the required service.

(5) Any other circumstances that leyifan deems necessary to temporarily interrupt or stop the service.

2. In the event of temporary interruption or suspension of the service, leyifan shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to you.

Article 13: Prohibited conduct

1. Members shall not engage in any of the following forms of conduct when using the Service.

(1) Using the Service for unauthorized purposes;

(2) Repeated or malicious registration multiple accounts;

(3) There are subscriptions to virtual services using Leyifan warehouse address, such as using Leyifan address to apply for credit cards, telephone numbers and so on;

(4) Infringing upon intellectual property rights (trademark rights, copyrights, design rights, patent rights, etc.), portrait rights, publicity rights or any other rights belonging to Leyifan or a third party;

(5) Engaging in fraud or other criminal activities;

(6) Imposter a third party in order to use the Service;

(7) Using facilities belonging to Leyifan or a third party without authorization or otherwise impeding the running;

(8) Breaking the law, regulation, violating the Terms or causing offense to public order and morals;

(9) Interfering with the running of the Service;

(10) Engaging in any other form of conduct deemed inappropriate by Leyifan.

Article 14: About the ownership of intellectual property rights

All rights (ownership, copyrights, other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, etc.) of the articles, images, programs and all data on the website, including the current website, belong to leyifan or other third parties. Members are not allowed to copy, upload to social media, publicly express, transfer, lend, translate, or do anything else beyond the scope of their personal use without our permission in any form.

Article 15: Claim for Damages

In the event that a member suffers damages (including reasonable attorney's fees) due to a breach of these terms and conditions, leyifan shall have the right to claim full compensation for such damages against the member.

Article 16: Assignment of contractual rights, etc.

1. All contractual relationships, rights and obligations between the member and leyifan shall not be assigned, transferred or guaranteed in the name of a third party without the prior written consent of leyifan.

2. In the event that the services and related business are transferred to a third party, the contractual relationship, rights and obligations, and privacy of all information that may be presented will be transferred to the third party, and the member will be deemed to have agreed to the transfer by default. In addition, the definition of business transfer as described in this section is not limited to ordinary business transfers, but also refers to corporate splits and all other situations that may result in a business transfer.

Article 17: Withdrawal from Membership

1. The member can successfully withdraw from the membership after completing the procedures specified by leyifan, and can delete the member's login status by himself/herself.

2. If a member has any outstanding debts to leyifan, he/she will lose all the benefits of the term and must pay all debts immediately.

3. Please refer to the next item for the detailed rules regarding the handling of the customer's information after the withdrawal.

Article 18: Privacy Policy

1. LeFriendship values your privacy and strictly follows the laws and regulations. We will use your personal information for the following purposes

(1) Membership management

(2) Sales and provision of products, rights, and services of LeFinish or third party vendors.

(3) Promotional activities and the implementation of surveys

(4) Improving and simplifying the registration process within leyifan and its parent company and subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as "leyifan Group").

(5) Notification of necessary matters in the operation of the service. (email, phone number, address, etc.)

(6) Advertising, promotion and marketing of the products of leyifan or third parties. (Email, phone number, address, etc.)

(7) Packing and delivery of products

(8) Fee calculation and payment request

(9) Points, coupons and other services

(10) Information submitted by members

(11) Various inquiries, after-sales service, etc.

(12) Market research and analysis, development of new services

(13) Compilation of statistical data of leyifan Group and leyifan partner companies

2. For the above purposes, we will use your member ID, name, gender, email address, phone number, zip code, address, screen name, alias, date of birth, credit card information, purchase history, points, etc.

3. Leyifan will follow the privacy protection agreement to keep the personal information of the members and will never provide the personal information to a third party in an identifiable state without the consent of the members. However, in the following cases, we will cooperate with you to provide your personal information.

(1) When the consent of the member has been obtained

(2) When necessary for legal procedures

(3) When it is necessary to provide information for the protection of the life, body, or property of others, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned

(4) When the information is necessary for the improvement of public health or the healthy development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual at the time.

(5) When a state agency, a local public organization, or a person entrusted by the agency is required to conduct a legal investigation, and the process of obtaining the person's consent affects the execution of the legal investigation

(6) When a partner company is entrusted with the delivery of goods

(7) When a member purchases or intends to purchase a product from a partner company of leyifan, the member discloses it to the partner company.

(8) When required for delivery of products or services

(9) Information required to be provided to the billing company

(10) When required to provide information to a partner company for the purpose of carrying out activities such as point activities provided by leyifan or the partner company

(11) When leyifan entrusts its business to a third party in whole or in part within the scope necessary for the purpose of use as described in the first paragraph of this Agreement.

(12) In the event of a merger, transfer of business, or other transfer of business, disclosure to the successor of the business

4. In the course of providing services, leyifan may use cookies and other network tools.

Article 19: Changes to the contents of the contract

1. Leyifan may revise the contents of the contract without prior permission of the member.

2. When revising the contents of the contract, leyifan will determine an effective date and notify the member of the change in the contract, the revised contents, and the effective date in a timely manner before the effective date. However, the notification step may be omitted in the case of grammatical corrections or minor changes that do not result in adverse consequences for the member.

3. If a member continues to use the service after the effective date of the change in the contract, the member shall be deemed to have agreed to the change by default.

Article 20: Severability of Contracts

In the event that one or more provisions of the contract are invalidated or prohibited by the Consumer Contract Act or other laws, the remaining provisions of the contract shall be deemed to remain in force.

Article 21: Language

The Japanese version of this Agreement shall be the original standard. (https://www.leyifan.com/jp/reg/rule) For reference, translated documents in languages other than Japanese, including Chinese translations, shall have no legal effect. There is and only the original Japanese language shall be deemed to be legally effective.

Article 22: Applicable Law and Consensual Jurisdiction

1.These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

2. In the event of a dispute regarding these Terms of Use that cannot be resolved by agreement, the exclusive court of jurisdiction for the first instance shall be the district court where Rakuten is located.

Last revision date: January 1st, 2022

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