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¥1,200 OFF (¥9,000 Min Spend~)

Release time: 2018-12-18 14:27:56

Shop on Rakuten, ship by #Leyifanforwarding

Leyifan × Rakuten Promo

¥1,200 OFF Shipping fee on each Rakuten order over ¥9,000

(The above discount can be used multiple times.)


·        To get the discount, please email us withthe following information after your package arrive at our warehouse.

     (1) Leyifan package No.

     (2) Your Leyifan user ID

     (3) Your Rakuten order No.

·        To get the discount, you should purchase on: Rakuten.co.jp , global.rakuten.com , books.rakuten.co.jp

·        The order amount (tax included) should be equal to or greater than 8,000 JPY:

     *The amount after applying Rakuten coupon and shop coupon.

     *The amount doesn't include the domestic shipping fee.

·        The shipping discounts cannot be combined with EMS discount or other discounts.

·        When you enter Leyifan forwarding addresson Rakuten shops, please pay attention to the  correct address and user ID.

     For example:

     *東京都江戸川区南篠崎町 LYF1234567 (No street address)

     *東京都江戸川区南篠崎町2-51-8 SteveNo your User ID

     *東京都江戸川区南篠崎町2-51-8 1234567 (User ID must be with “LYF…….”)

     *東京都江戸川区南篠崎町2-51-8 LYF1234567 ()

·        If you have questions and can't readChinese/ Japanese, please feel free to contact us  support@leyifan.com.